Monika Ruckschloss

If you want to make sure you get the most return on your investment, then you need a professional on your side. 
I’m here to help!

For Sellers

Stress Free Experience

Selling a property can be a very stressful and overwhelming experience. My goal is to make it as smooth and stress free as possible.

I have gone through the selling process and understand how important it is to have a supportive realtor helping with the transition. It makes all the difference to know that you have someone on your side.

We will sit down and talk about how to set your house up for success. I will work with you and provide a stager, professional photographer and cleaner to make your home shine. The way your home is presented will show people the amazing property they can soon enjoy.


I know life is busy and the selling process adds more tasks to your life. I will have a cleaner come to your home and make it picture ready or if you need a cleaner to pick up the mess after you have moved out, I can have that done as well. When moving out, moving into your new home is the experience you want to enjoy. Let me have your old house cleaned up so you don’t have to worry after the move.


The way your home is presented matters and is the starting point to sell your home. I will have a professional home stager showcase the beautiful features of your home and present it to show how best it functions. Buyers need to visually see how the house will work best and how they can enjoy it. Home staging is not something you want to overlook because it is the first thing buyers will see and use to envision themselves in the home.

Photography and Video

A photo is worth a thousand words. How your home is digitally presented also matters especially in this digital era. I will have a professional photographer showcase your home with amazing photos that will make a buyer stop and want to see more. Other features that can be provided to show off your home would be a walk through video, or a drone video of the property, and a floorplan to allow the buyer to experience the full visual perspective.

Online Marketing

The digital world is an amazing thing and is around us every day. Listing on MLS by itself will not sell your home. I will use all social media resources to target, attract and have that buyer calling to see your home. Targeting the right demographic for your home will be the key to getting that sale. Using the professional staging and photography will be presented to its fullest.

Thinking of selling your home

No matter the reason for why you are selling, you need to work with a realtor who will have your best interest at heart and will work alongside you. You need a realtor you will listen to you and work their hardest to sell your home.

If you are ready to sell your home, contact me, and know you will be working alongside someone and not feel like another number.